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      Hi! Welcome to the forums!

      Hi! Welcome to the forums!
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      Survival Inability to Obtain Mob Spawners from Survival Vote Crate

      Thanks for reporting this. It has been resolved. It looks like you won a creeper and skeleton spawner, but didn't get the rewards, so I added those two to the /vault 1 of the Minecraft Account associated with your forums account. If this issue persists, please make a new bug report.
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      Forum Games

      Implemented here. Thread locked
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      I'll begin: The
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      Lets create one word stories Just reply with a word and lets see what we can accomplish
    7. Jaimss

      Guide Forum Games

      Welcome to the forum games, added 4/1/20. Feel free to start your own thread and create any games you want! These can be talking / typing until a staff member does something, counting, creating stories, etc. Anything you want to do, you can make it into a forum game! Get creative!!
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      :oops: :oops: :infinity_0:

      :oops: :oops: :infinity_0:
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      Announcement [Skyblock] [Survival] Crates Updates!

      Hey everyone, We have made some huge updates to crates over the past couple of days. Our staff has been working tirelessly to get this all done, so we hope you enjoy it! Read on to figure out what we have done!! Skyblock Changes On skyblock, the crates before this update were: Donor Event Tags...
    10. Jaimss

      Forum Games

      Would people like to see a place on the forums for "forum games" like counting / making stories, or any other sort of game you guys could think of? I saw this on Hypixel and it seems like a cool idea, so LMK what you guys think.
    11. Jaimss

      Skyblock People's head on pvp.

      This is done. Thanks for suggesting.
    12. Jaimss

      Website Be able to lock YOUR threads

      Ok, well it isn't really possible yet, but I guess I can suggest it to our forums software. For now this is locked.
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      I am #1 on /is top level.

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      Website Be able to lock YOUR threads

      Permissions for locking threads are either all or none. This isn't possible, and I don't really see the use for it. When would you use this?