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    1. James

      Network Wide Auto respond

      Ok. I'm gonna leave this open so i can try to implement it
    2. James

      1.16 Support

      Thats the plan right now :) glad to hear thats what you would like to see.
    3. James

      Website James Signature

      Oh lmao. I changed my name from Jaimss to James. I'll fix that real quick thanks.
    4. James

      Network Wide Auto respond

      that might just encourage people to spam lag in the chat maybe a command for it?
    5. James

      Announcement The Future & 1.16

      of course :) glad to hear that! To answer your question, yes kits will eventually be updated most likely, but I want to give them some time as they are so that I can see how good netherite is, and find a way to make it balanced.
    6. James

      Announcement The Future & 1.16

      Hey Everyone! As you all know, 1.16 has been released and we are hard at work to get the network updated. One of our goals has always been to keep our servers updated to the latest versions as quickly as possible to ensure the ability to use the new features in every Minecraft update. In order...
    7. James

      1.16 Support

      Hey Guys! So, 1.16 is coming out slowly for all of the plugins we use, and we are slowly working it into some of ours. I have a question for the community as we determine how to work 1.16 support into our server: Which of the following should we do: We can do a full reset of all the servers...
    8. James

      Hub The rocket bug is baccc

      Thanks for the report. An old setting got left behind when we transferred. I have added it back to the startup configuration on all servers, so fly issues like this should no longer be an issue. Closed.
    9. James


    10. James

      Skyblock poppys

      idk really. the only reason they are there is to make it easier to get them out of your chests they aren't meant for profit
    11. James

      Dev Update Development Update 6/5/20

      haha i take it that people liked the dev update for our server. i’ll try to do more of these
    12. James

      i am sleep

      i am sleep
    13. James

      lol k

      lol k
    14. James

      hi tho

      hi tho
    15. James

      Dev Update Development Update 6/5/20

      Hey all, as we do more and more work on our server from a development standpoint, I would like to try and keep you guys updated on what is going on. Although you can't physically see all the changes, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, and I want you guys to know that. Over the past...