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  • A Comprehensive Guide to Skyblock


    Staff Member
    Hello everyone, and welcome to my first fully-fletched guide of skyblock on this server! This guide will cover everything that you'll need to know by showing you the basics on how you can get started to develop your island, and also how you can safely and effectively configure and navigate your way around the commands and settings that it features. I will also be adding in some tips that you could use to increase your levels of productivity and how you can make it more efficient.

    PLEASE NOTE: This guide is constantly being developed, and I encourage you to view the update logs below here to see what's been added and changed here! Any feedback and information is greatly appreciated as it will help me out to develop this guide for everyone.

    18/12/2019 - Thread created along with a section called The Basics and a guide of creating a cobblestone generator located inside.

    To navigate your way around this guide, please click on the spoiler tags to reveal the section that you'd like to read up on.

    - Creating a new island
    - The contents included on your new island
    - Setting up a basic cobblestone generator

    Upon entering the skyblock server, you'll be greeted with some floating text located directly in front of you. To get started, type /is or /is create to automatically generate your selected island.

    By doing so, your island will look like this:
    It may be small, but there's a lot of potential that you can use to turn this into something amazing! But for now, this is what you'll have as your island will include the following:

    1 fully grown oak tree
    1 adult cow
    1 wooden sign
    1 torch
    12 string
    1 red mushroom
    1 brown mushroom
    1 bucket of lava
    2 ice blocks
    1 melon slice
    1 bone
    1 sugar cane
    1 pumpkin seed

    The best way to get started is by creating a cobblestone generator, which an example of this is shown at the spawn area of the skyblock server. Please view the spoiler tag below to see a simple 5-step process on how to generate a working cobblestone generator.

    Step 1: To create a working cobblestone generator, first dig 4 blocks in a straight line on the ground like this.

    Step 2: Next, dig a block down on the second block from the left that's been marked with a torch on the image below.

    Step 3: On the far-left side, place your block of ice on the first block shown here, which is located just BEFORE the 2-block hole that you dug.

    Step 4: Mine the block of ice, which will cause the water to flow into the 2-block hole like this.

    Step 5: On the far-right side, empty your bucket of lava on the right end of the 4-block line, which should provide you a block of cobblestone or an ore block in a couple of seconds after placing the lava down. This concludes this guide on how to make a basic cobblestone generator.