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  • Dev Update Development Update 6/5/20


    Staff Member
    Hey all, as we do more and more work on our server from a development standpoint, I would like to try and keep you guys updated on what is going on. Although you can't physically see all the changes, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, and I want you guys to know that.

    Over the past couple months, we have been reworking the way InfinityCraft works.​
    Previously, this is how we have had our servers setup:​
    • Downloaded Plugins from Spigot
    • Individual things for each different need
    • Cluttered mess of plugins that sort of function, but aren't really a great fit for the server
    Now we are working at a system more like this:​
    • A large powerful core plugin called InfinityCore that will manage basically all the Essentials of the server such as teleportation, Economy, basic commands, and more.
    • Individual plugins for custom features of each server
      • For example, you may have seen on Skyblock that we added a custom grappling hook item, added island prestige to chat, and are soon adding a Mob arena. That is all under the Skyblock Plugin since it is only needed on the skyblock server.
    • A large Library of Utilities that we can use wherever we need them
    If you hadn't noticed, the new system is a LOT better than the old one. It gives us more control over bug fixes, lets us roll out updates quicker, lets us respond to suggestions better, and should make your experience a lot better in general.​
    One of the biggest changes over the past couple of days is that we are working on an EconomyAPI. For a long time, we have used an Economy system called Vault. It does a great job, but similar to the reason we are trying to get everything else under our umbrella, we wanted our Economy system to be ours. As servers reset, we will implement this new Economy and as we do that, we will be able to make some cool changes to discord and the forums:​
    • First, we plan to make Rank Syncing between Discord and Minecraft under the InfinityCraft bot this summer instead of being under RankSync. This will allow us to link the players under our spectrum and do things like link their in-game stats to discord, create a more seamless experience from discord to minecraft, and much more.
    • We will add things like discord commands where you can see your server activity and playtime, see your different bank balances on the different servers, see statistics about your minecraft profile and so much more from discord.
    A lot of our systems are getting a lot stronger, so now is a better time than ever to let us know what we can do with them. We would love to hear your suggestions about ways we can make your experience better on InfinityCraft with new features.

    If you stuck around until the end, congrats you get a cookie! ?