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  • Announcement Earth Gamemode Release


    Staff Member
    Hey Everyone, we have just released our brand new unique game mode called Earth!

    The main idea of how to play the game mode is outlined in this post called "Welcome to Earth."​

    This game mode is intended to be a competitive game mode that is time-consuming, yet very fun! You can earn chunks for playtime and for voting. You are meant to traverse the world using only vehicles (unless you are in your faction land).​
    One unique feature about this server is that where many of our other servers give a lot of rewards and advantages if you buy a rank, this mode is intended for all. Ranks are almost 100% cosmetic!​
    As this is a new game mode, it will most likely have some bugs and whatnot that we haven't found in our own testing of it. If you find any bugs or issues, please report it to staff members. If you would like to see changes to anything, let us know in Suggestions. We hope you enjoy this game mode, and if you have any questions, please contact any of our staff members!

    ~ The InfinityCraft Team