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    Hey InfinityCraft,
    This thread will outline all the ways you can level up and engage in conversation with the community on the forums!
    First, leveling up!
    Each user has their own individual "Title Ladder." This is the little thing that displays below your name and says something like "Member," "Active Member," etc. So, how can you work your way from a "New Member" to an "Infinite Member?"​
    The answer is through trophies! For each different ladder level, you need the following amount of trophies:​
    • New Member - 0 Trophies
    • Member - 10 Trophies
    • Active Member - 15 Trophies
    • Well Known Member - 45 Trophies
    • Infinite Member - 80 Trophies
    So, how can you earn trophies? Click here to see the breakdown of all the different points you can earn for each trophy, and how to earn that trophy.​
    The primary focus of the forums is to communicate with others, whether you are just talking, reporting bugs, making suggestions, getting assistance, or any number of things.
    Our forums are a great way to stay up to date on all sorts of Server Information. If you are interested in what's going on, the News section is for you!​
    Our homepage is a combination of our Change Logs and our Announcements, and it can be viewed here. Scrolling through that page will give you a quick update on what is going on! You can always click read more to get a more in-depth thread about that particular topic.​
    You can also view Announcements and Change Logs individually by clicking each respective link.​
    Finally, we keep all Important Server Information in the Information section. This is where you can find rules, requirements for applications, and much more. To visit information, click the word Information.​
    Next, we arrive at the General Section of the Forums. This is where we have general discussions with the community!​
    To view all the threads in the General Section, click here. This category has 3 Main Sections:​
    First, we have the Discussion Board. All general discussions about anything can take place here! These are available to everyone, whereas our Private Donator Lounge is available to only our donators. Both of these sections are for generally just talking amongst ourselves and having fun together.​
    We also have the Introductions and Farewells section here. This is for users who are just joining or leaving after being here for a while. It's a good way to stay up to date on who is active on the network!​
    We also have three servers right now that are filling up our server section. If you have any general questions/discussions related to any of our servers, this is the place for you. Click each respective link below to view the Forum for each server.​
    The Forums are always a good way to stay in contact with moderators if you have anything you want to notify them of.​
    • Community Help
      • This is a section for all players to ask for help on any topic. All players and all moderators are available to respond to inquires here.
    • Suggestions
      • Want to see a change on our server, discord, or forums? Post a suggestion and let us know what you want to see!
    • Bug Reports
      • Did you find something wrong with any of our platforms? Report it here so we can get it fixed up immediately.
    • Player Reports
      • If you find a player breaking one of our rules, please report them here so that we can reprimand them properly.
    • Purchase Support
      • If for some reason, you make a purchase on our online store and it doesn't go through, please create purchase support so we can get you what you paid for!
    Finally, we have applications and appeals. If you would like to apply for a position on the server, or request an unban / reversal of punishment, please post in this section.​
    For Staff Applications, please click here.​
    For Builder Applications, please click here.​
    For Youtube Applications, please click here.​
    For Punishment Appeals, please click here.​
    If you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to head over to Community Help and ask!
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