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  • Introduction Hey, I'm Jaimss


    Staff Member
    How's it going everyone? I'm Jaimss! Obviously I'm not new here, but here's a little bit about me! Welcome to our forums if you're new, and I hope you've enjoyed your time on Infinity Craft!

    I grew up playing Minecraft for a while and then it sort of fell off. I quickly switched over to some console games that I used to play with my brother. We would mostly play racing games. Eventually, when my parents decided I was old enough, I got some more violent games such as Call of Duty and played those for a little while. When I finally got a PC, I started playing Fortnite (Since Season 2). The game used to be pretty fun, and I would play with my friends, but recently, they have just ruined their game, so I came full circle and switched back over to Minecraft.

    Musical Interests
    I like almost all types of music if I have time to sit down, relax, and enjoy it for a bit. Usually when on my way to work or school, I listen to R&B or Pop, but I have much more broad interests. Since I was around 5, I have played the guitar and I joined band as a guitarist when I was a Freshman in High School. I have since dropped that because I did not find it fun to play guitar in that style. While I like the Jazz music they were playing, it just was not as interesting to me. I mostly play Bluegrass / Country music and I listen to almost all types from time to time.

    Server Interests
    I obviously like most of our servers, since I make most of them. My favorite gamemode to play when not doing server maintenance or work is Skyblock. For the most part, my interest on the server is making sure that you guys have the best possible experience you can! You can always submit suggestions, and let us know about anything we can do to make your time with us even better.
    If you do have suggestions, you can let us know in our discord or submit them here.

    Favorite Movies / TV Shows
    My favorite type of content is comedy. I love things that are out there that make me laugh and as such, I like funny movies and TV Shows. I have seen the entirety of The Office around 5 times (yikes...), and I love movies like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; Hitch; Fletch; and literally anything else you can think of that is funny. If its funny, I'll watch it. If you have funny movies for me, please leave them in the comments to this thread!

    I also am a huge fan of Sci-Fi type stuff. I think it appeals to my interest in programming / development type stuff. This is explained more in the next section about my favorite book.

    Favorite Book
    My Favorite books are "Eye of the Storm" by Kate Messner and "Off to Be the Wizard" by Scott Meyer. Both of these books are about futuristic / science fiction worlds where people have either advanced technology in the future or the past. In "Eye of the Storm" (I read this in like 5th grade lol), there is a city / town that has the ability to repel tornadoes. It is a super cool book that really captured my attention. If I remember correctly, the main company that had build the storm repellent was almost corrupt and the book is about the CEO's daughter or something trying to basically stop his harmful actions. In "Off to Be the Wizard," which is a book I read much more recently, a "wizard" discovers a file which allows him to do basically anything in the world. He can change his bank account balance, fly, teleport and much more. He has to run from the cops via time travel back to a time where he can fake being a wizard. I wont spoil any more of either book, but if you are interested at all, give them a read. I generally hate reading and I finished each book in around 3-5 days.

    I have a couple of hobbies. As mentioned above a couple times, I like computer programming and plan to major in it at college. I also am into playing soccer (for fun) with friends. I like just kicking the ball around and messing around with people. I don't know if I would call this a hobby, but I also have a job at a local grocery store, and it is actually quite fun and interesting. I get to meet a lot of people even though I only work around 5-10 hours a week due to school work and school.

    Closing Remarks
    Thank you for taking the time to read all of that if you did. You now know a little bit more about me! If you have something that is similar to me or you have suggestions about things you think I would like, please leave them in the comments! I will leave email notifications on so I make sure I am able to get back to you if you leave a comment.​
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