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  • Survival Inability to Obtain Mob Spawners from Survival Vote Crate

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    New Member
    User name: Bigace3

    Bug Name Inability to Obtain Mob Spawners from Survival Vote Crate

    Explanation At approximately 33 minutes ago, I opened 5 vote crates using 5 keys. My inventory had 3 diamond blocks and nothing else, but I was wearing damaged leather armor. I acquired 2 spawners, a creeper spawner and a skeleton spawner in that order, one after the other. I had 10 vote crate keys at the start and proceeded to use 5 of them, getting the spawners after the 3 diamond blocks were acquired through the vote crate.

    Steps to Replicate
    1: Acquire 10 vote crate keys
    2: Go into the crates menu wearing damaged leather armor
    3: Clear out your inventory excluding the armor
    4: Begin using 5 vote keys.
    5: At the third crate, acquire 3 diamond blocks, from the crate preferrably.
    6: If you do not acquire spawners, repeat the procedure until you get a creeper or skeleton spawner reward for the vote crate, with your inventory emptied each time.
    7: Your results should be found after a spawner is supposedly acquired (as in the rewards wheel lands on it)

    Do you have screenshots / evidence? Yes

    Please upload files here if you have them. File(s) attached

    Please provide any additional evidence. I do not have a non-hotbar inventory screenshot, so take that as you will.



    Staff Member
    Thanks for reporting this. It has been resolved.

    It looks like you won a creeper and skeleton spawner, but didn't get the rewards, so I added those two to the /vault 1 of the Minecraft Account associated with your forums account.

    If this issue persists, please make a new bug report.
    Not open for further replies.