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  • Announcement Rules Update


    Staff Member
    Hey Everyone. We have revised and updated some of our rules.
    In the past, we have had quite strict rules about AFK and punishments for it. We have changed it to be fairer to all players.​
    • If you are AFK without a rank, you will be kicked after 30 minutes.
    • If you are just standing still while AFK, we have no problem with it. It becomes an issue if you do the following:
      • Emulate player behavior. This includes things like automining and autofishing while AFK.
      • Use AFK pools to avoid getting kicked.
    As long as you are just standing still while AFKing, we do not have any issue with it. If you AFK to boost mines, fish, kill mobs in grinders, and other things that require you to actually be clicking your mouse or moving, this is considered Emulating player behavior and will result in a punishment.​

    You can find the rules and read over the official changes here. If you have any questions about our rules, please contact a staff member and ask if what you are doing is considered cheating.