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  • Skyblock Shop Updates


    Staff Member
    Hello Everyone,
    Today (12/17/19), we made a bunch of shop updates. Read on if you want to know what we changed!

    Shop Sections
    We have changed the shop sections:
    • Decorations​
    • Dyes​
    • Tools​
    • Spawners​
    These have all been updated to:
    • Decorations
      • Has been removed and replaced with Redstone. The old items in the Decorations section have been moved to Miscellaneous.
    • Dyes
      • Dyes has been updated a ton! All of your old dyes will still be there, but we have added all concrete colors, all wool colors, and all beds.
      • This has been renamed to colored blocks.
    • Tools
      • We have edited the prices of the Sell Wands so they are more available.
    • Spawners
      • We have added in some spawn eggs for the passive mobs.
    These are all of the changes we have made to the Skyblock Shops. We hope you enjoy the updates, and we are excited to see what you guys do with some of those awesome colored blocks! If you have any more suggestions for anything about our server, feel free to leave them in our Suggestions Forum!