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  • Announcement Skyblock Reset (Season 2)


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    Hello Everyone,
    After a Lifespan of around a year, we have decided to do a full Skyblock reset!
    We Reset Skyblock and we're on Season 2. We added a ton of stuff to the game, and it should be much better.

    Season 1 Island Top
    1. @Pedro9700 & CameronRedfern - Level 23,607
    2. @MidSkyGamingz & @SirVirz - Level 6,796
    3. Gurwa & Capoosta - Level 1,825

    Season 2 Changes
    For Season 2 of Skyblock, we have made some major changes! These will hopefully make gameplay better and more enjoyable.​
    First, we have made big updates to the spawn! There is a cool new theme for you to check out the changes! The changes we made to the spawn are:​

    • Brand New Design​
    • Added Public Pig Spawners​
    • Island Top Holograms​
    • Smaller Crate Holograms​
    • PvP Arena​
    The second and most noticeable change we have made is that we are running a Brand New Skyblock Plugin! This new plugin has added the following features to the server!​

    • 3 Island Top Categories
      • Votes
      • Bank
      • Level
    • Brand New Reactive Scoreboard
      • As you decide to partner up, more lines become visible.
      • If someone visits your island, a new visitor line shows up.
    • Control Panel
      • One of the coolest new features of this plugin is the control panel. Now when you type /is or /is controlpanel you get an interactive and intuitive control panel to manage nearly every aspect of your island!
    • 3 Unique Islands
      • Default Island
        • This island is a perfect island if you enjoy just playing Skyblock. It comes with some basics to get started, and is a good way to play if you are new!
      • Parkour Island
        • This is our most unique island! It is a parkour themed island. You start with a small number of resources, and as you jump your way up, you find better items. Everything you need to play is on the island, but it may take some work to find!
      • Basic Island
        • This is an island for those who are very creative! It comes with very little on it. It is just a 5x5x1 Island with a chest that has the things you need. If you are looking to have very few extra blocks to remove, pick this island!
    • Island Bank
      • Using the command /is bank you can deposit and withdraw money from a shared bank among your island members!
    • Island Chat
      • For users who decide to team up with friends, you can use the command /is chat to talk in a private chat with your teammates!
    • Island Border
      • Each Island has its own border now to show you where your boundaries are! If you want to change the color of the border or toggle its visibility type /is border.
    • Island Biome
      • Every island has access to around 15 new biomes. To set the biome your island is, type /is biome in-game!
    • Island Upgrades
      • When you first create your island, you will have a very default island. To get upgraded type /is upgrades. Upgrades cost money, but they can be very beneficial to you and your team, so it is important to decide if the upgrades are worth it!
    • Island Warps & Voting
      • Each island is open to visitors by default. Your island is unable to be modified by visitors, however, if you like to close it, you can type /is close. To visit other islands, you can type /is warps. You can then sort the islands to decide where to go! You can also view other islands' "signatures" in that warp menu.
        • To set your Island Signature, follow these steps:
          • /is settings ➸ Visitor Settings ➸ Island Signature (At the Top)
          • Click this and change it to whatever you like!
      • One of the ways to sort islands is by votes.
        • You can warp to islands and if you like the island type /is vote {playername} to vote for their island!
    We also added a toggle for the VoidSpawn feature! We received reports that it was annoying to use when building down towards Y=0 because it would teleport you back up every time and cause issues. If you want to disable it type /voidspawn toggle. To re-enable it, use the same command again!​
    These are just a couple of the many features we added to Skyblock Season Two! To check them all out, hop in-game and join our skyblock server!​
    Closing Remarks
    We hope you all enjoy these changes to Skyblock! Remember, if you have suggestions, go to our Suggestions forum. If you want help, check out Community Help where both staff members and community members are always helping!

    We hope you guys enjoy and we are excited to see what you all do with these awesome new features!

    Island Top did not receive rewards this time unfortunately because the server has been so inactive that we can’t fund them. If you want rewards next time let’s get our server activity up and it will happen!!
    ~ The InfinityCraft Team
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