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    This quick guide explains how you can sync all of your accounts up under the InfinityCraft Umbrella.

    Important Note: If your Discord Username has characters that are not default on discord, you may experience issues syncing your account on both the forums and minecraft. Please change your discord name to something with regular letters and numbers to link your account.

    Discord to Minecraft Synchronization:
    1. Log in to our Minecraft Server at play.infinitycraft.net.
    2. Type the in game command /discord and join our discord server.
    3. Go to discord and find the #bot-commands section and type !link. The discord bot named RankSync#0685 will DM you with an In-Game Code. Make sure you are allowing messages from users when you do this or you will not recieve the code.
    4. Switch to the server and type /sync discord {code} where {code} is the code that the Discord Bot private messaged you.
    5. You should see a success message, and in a couple minutes, your rank will update on discord.
    Minecraft to Forums (This is Automatic):
    1. To create a forums account, log into play.infinitycraft.net and type /register on the Hub. This will give you a clickable chat message. Click that message to create a forums account!
    Once you have done this, your ranks should be syncing everywhere. If you have issues, you can leave a request for help on the forums here.
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