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    Staff Member
    Hello Everyone,

    We are rolling out a new program that will allow people to redeem rewards for voting. If you are either 1, 2, or 3, you have a chance to win up to 15 discord points for voting.

    Checking Vote Top
    To view who is on the vote top, either go to this link or type /sv top in game. By seeing who is on top, you will see whether or not you qualify for rewards yet. If you don't, make sure to keep voting so you can qualify!

    Time Frame
    Every 1 Month, we will clear our voting database to reset everyone points. We will then contact you via discord to let you know you have received your points!
    Important: In order to receive your discord points, your discord username on our server must match your IGN on the server. This link gives a tutorial on how to do that. It will sync up your usernames and your rank on the server.​

    Available Rewards
    You can earn as many discord points as you want by inviting people to our discord with your custom invite link. We have a channel in our discord explaining exactly how to use our Invite Points System. The voting rewards give you a head start on reaching the amount of points you need for your specific rewards! In order to see what rewards you have available, you can go to any discord channel and type -shop which will pull up a list of all available items and the points you need for each. Most of the rewards are off of our store. For example, we have ranks, kits, keys, sell wands, commands, etc.

    Closing Remarks
    We thank you all for all you guys do playing on the server and we hope this rewards system will keep everyone engaged and excited about voting! Thanks again to everyone and make sure you get voting.