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    Hey Everyone! This thread will give you a little information about our Earth Gamemode. This will be updated a lot to keep everyone current on the changes we make.
    Live Server Map can be found here.

    When using factions, almost everything is based on a couple of simple commands!
    • /f help
      • Shows helpful commands in chat
    • /f create
      • Create a faction
    • /f who
      • View info on a faction
    • /f tag
      • Change faction name
    • /f list
      • List all factions
    • /f join
      • Join a faction
    • /f top
      • See the top factions
    • /f map
      • View the map
    • /f sethome
      • Set a faction home
    • /f home
      • Go to faction home
    • /f ban {name}
      • Ban someone
    • /f unban {name}
      • Unban someone
    • /f banlist
      • Show who is banned.
    • /f lowpower
      • Show players under the max power.
    • /f leave
      • Leave your faction
    • /f invite {name}
      • Send and Invite
    • /f deinvite {name}
      • Revoke an invite.
    • /f claim
      • Claim faction land
    • /f unclaim
      • Unclaim faction land
    • /f kick {name}
      • Kick someone from the faction
    • /f mod {name}
      • Made someone a mod in the faction
      • Mod, Co-Leader and Leader have access to use /f money. This allows them to manage all of your faction money. Give this role to players you trust!
    • /f coleader {name}
      • Make someone the co leader of the faction.
    • /f leader {name}
      • Make someone the leader of your faction.
    • /f chat {Faction | Ally | Public}
      • Talk in ally / faction chat.
    • /f warp
      • Warp to a faction warp
    • /f setwarp
      • Set a faction warp
    • /f perms
      • Set perms for users and roles in your faction/
    • /f upgrades
      • Upgrade your faction
    • /f checkpoint
      • Set a checkpoint for your faction
    • /f tnt {add | take} {amount}
      • Add tnt to a faction tnt bank, or take some out for yourself.
    • /f tntfill {radius} {amount}
      • Use TNT from the TNT Bank to fill an area.
    • /f chest
      • Opens a faction chest
    • /menu OR Click the Nether Start in Slot 9
      • Opens a main menu. This menu has some easy ways to get home, as well as locations to suggest things, report bugs, see the map, see detail about yourself and your faction, and much more!
    We have a very unique economy set up on the Earth Gamemode! Read this spoiler to figure out how you can make and spend your money.

    First - How can you earn some money? To earn money, there are a couple of methods.
    1. Jobs
      1. To join a job type /jobs browse in-game. This will open up a job menu.
    2. Auction house
      1. To use our auction house, type /ah. This will show you the main page where everyone is selling stuff. You can look to sell your own items or buy some from others.
    3. Trader Shops
      1. We have trader shops at spawn. You can walk back to spawn every so often to sell things or buy things from the traders.
      2. To buy a stack of the item at a time, Shift-Click on it!
    Now that you have some money, feel free to spend it on faction upgrades (/f upgrades) or on stuff from our trader shops, auction house or anything else you want.
    Each faction on earth has a specific amount of power. That amount grows as you have more players join your faction. Here's the numerical breakdown of power:
    • What is a "Power"
      • Power is measured in chunks. Each power your faction has is one chunk. Any individual faction can claim up to 1000 chunks at one time if they have enough people in their faction.
    • Maximum & Minimum
      • Each Player can have anywhere from +50 power to -50 power.
    • Earning & Losing
      • To earn power, you must play on the server. You get playtime rewards essentially. For every 5 minutes that you are on, you get 1 extra power.
      • Every time you die, you lose 5 power.
      • 25 minutes of playing is equal to one death, so if you die, to earn that power back, you must play for 25 minutes.
      • Note: If you are in a WarZone, you can PvP and die without losing power.
    • Offline Punishments
      • We don't have a huge punishment for being offline, but you do get a slight punishment. To avoid this, just log in at least once a day :)
      • For every day you are offline, you lose 1 Power.
        • If you are inactive for 10 days, the punishment ends and you stop losing power. The most you can lose is 10 power for being offline.
    On Earth, factions have the ability to raid each other! If you have more land claimed than power, you are in trouble.

    When your claimed chunks exceed your faction power due to deaths, people will be able to come to your land and claim over it. If you notice players in your faction dying a lot, it may be best to re-evaluate having them as a part of your faction if you want to stay un-raidable.

    If someone raids you while your faction power is lower than your claimed land, you are out of luck!

    Stay safe and make sure to check the indicator on the scoreboard to see if you can be raided.
    On Earth, say you want to go on a vacation? Where do you go? Hop on a space shuttle to Mars or even the moon.
    If you are trying to get to Mars (i.e. the nether), you will place down a standard nether portal.
    If you want to go to the Moon (i.e. the end), head over to Cape Canaveral, Florida to find the launch site. Hop in to head over to the Moon!

    We hopefully will add some more planets in the future ;)
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